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CARE ​is an animal physiotherapy service in Plymouth, we help to restore movement and function when an animal is affected by injury, illness, or disability.

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CARE was formerly known as Barons Veterinary Physiotherapy.

Hello and welcome to CARE

CARE is, Canine Assessment, Rehabilitation and Education. CARE is an animal physiotherapy service in Plymouth, Devon where your pets can receive physiotherapy in the comfort of their own home to ensure they are happy, relaxed and as comfortable as possible at all times.

Animal physiotherapy is a complementary therapy that is carried out under veterinary referral. It helps to restore movement and function when an animal is affected by injury, illness, or disability. In addition, can aid in injury prevention for sporting and working animals.

Enhance your pets quality of life

At CARE we use various therapies, techniques and exercises to improve an animal’s mobility, enhance surgical outcomes, minimise pain and increase lifespan. Animals may be experiencing all sorts of symptoms as a result of injury, a developmental condition or a chronic condition related to old age.

Physiotherapy makes an enormous difference to the comfort and mobility of most animal’s and can greatly enhance quality of life for both animal and owner.

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Physiotherapy treatment may benefit your dog if they suffer from any of the following:

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Rehabilitation following orthopaedic surgery – including cranial cruciate ligament repair

Neurological conditions/ spinal conditions – IVDD, FCE, ANNPE and hind limb weakness

Soft tissue injuries and joint problems – including degenerative disease, arthritis and stiffness

Hip or elbow dysplasia 

Lameness and gait abnormalities to avoid a muscle imbalance,
overcompensation, or spasms

Osteoarthritis, age related joint stiffness and decreasing mobility and function

Lameness, pain, or discomfort 

Muscle atrophy

Musculoskeletal injuries – sprains, strains, tendinitis, bursitis and hypomobility

Weight management due to inactivity or obesity

Wound management


The benefits of physio

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Improved function, mobility and quality of movement

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Reduction of pain, swelling and inflammation with reduced need for opioids

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Quicker recovery following surgery, injury, or trauma

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Improved and prolonged quality of life

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Injury prevention

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Improvement of muscle, nerve and joint function

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Physiotherapy has a non-invasive approach

Trusted and experienced

At CARE we are fully qualified, insured and IAAT accredited. This ensures all treatments are carried out under veterinary referral and veterinary surgeons are informed of all aspects of your animal’s physiotherapy programme. In addition, we are also nearing the completion of the Level 3 Certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy.

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Pawsome Pensions

CARE Veterinary Physiotherapy is a proud supporter and has the pleasure in working with Pawsome Pensions, fundraising and providing physiotherapy for retired Police and Fire dogs if needed.

Pawsome Pensions is a registered charity (charity number: 1188907) that has been set up to help support our Retired Police Dogs from Devon, Dorset & Cornwall Police services and Fire dogs from Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Services.

Pawsome Pensions are incredibly fortunate that Police Dogs receive a one off payment from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner when they retire, but as you can imagine this doesn’t last long. So, it is our intention to enhance this generous donation and raise money to ensure they receive the best veterinary care possible, ensuring they have an excellent quality of life in their retirement years by helping towards their veterinary care/ treatment.

A working Police or Fire Dog can serve many years, providing an invaluable service to the communities they work in and the officers they work with. When the dogs retire the handler or the new adopter take on the full responsibility for that dog and all the financial commitments of caring for a retired working dog.

If you would like to support, donate, or would like any additional information about Pawsome Pensions please visit their website.

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Pawsome Pensions
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